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Little Havens are in need of your help - a charitable organisation caring for the children of Basildon and the whole of Essex

Little Havens
A charitable organisation caring for the Children of Basildon


Who We Are

Little Havens is a registered charitable organisation and is the children's hospice for the whole of Essex (including Basildon) and outer parts of London. We are currently celebrating our 10th Birthday and were the first children's hospice in the South East of England. In this time thanks to voluntary donations we have been able to care for over 900 families.


Little Havens is situated on a beautiful site of meadowland in Thundersley just outside Rayleigh – just a stone’s throw away from Basildon.


Parents and siblings benefit immeasurably from the home-from-home environment, in which they can take a break from the strain of constant care, and concentrate on being a family.


Little Havens has been designed to provide forms of mental and physical stimulation for children of all abilities and age groups. Some of our main features include:

  • Play areas
  • Hydrotherapy pool and spa bath
  • Computer room
  • Multi-sensory room
  • Landscaped gardens with external play equipment
  • Children's accommodation
  • Family accommodation
  • Bereavement suite


How our Charitable Organisation is funded

Little Havens Children's Hospice looks forward to the announcement of the results to be put to parliament, shortly, on the long term funding review currently being undertaken for all Children's Hospices - this will not pay the costs but may (we wait to see) give the movement (and Little Havens) a welcome base level of funding to provide the services for children and families with life limiting and life threatening illnesses.


We are now expecting to receive the second year money, from the Department of Health, the short term monies allocated pending the outturn of the review referred to earlier, this is likely to be a similar amount to last year - approximately £300,000. Even with this government funding Little Havens requires to raise approximately £1.8 million annually and we constantly rely upon the generosity of our donors.


These donors from Basildon and the whole of Essex include individuals and corporate organisations who give up their time and money when they see the work we do and become committed to help.


Every one of these people, we treasure and value so highly - we could not carry on if we did not regularly, year on year, gain their commitment to help. Sadly, government legislation results in ever greater financial needs by the Children's Hospice movement. This results in our need to seek continued support from our existing donors and, so as not to place too great a burden on these generous people, we seek new 'friends and supporters' to allow our work to be funded for another year.


Please see our work and value it, as we and the families who use us do - please support Little Havens Children's Hospice

For more information about our charitable organisation and the work we do in and around the Basildon area, please contact Dave Bishop, Deputy Community Fundraising Manager.


Little Havens Children's Hospice
Charitable Organisation for Basildon and the whole of Essex


If you would like to make a donation our charitable organisation, please call us today - we welcome your call



"Don't forget to mention the Best of Basildon when contacting Little Havens, a charitable organisation for the children of Basildon and all surrounding areas to Basildon - a charitable organisation relying on donors from the people of Basildon and surrounding areas to Basildon"



A Charitable Organisation relying on donations from the people of Basildon and surrounding areas to Basildon.  A Charitable Organisation caring for the children of Basildon and all surrounding areas to Basildon.  We are the only children's hospice in Basildon and the whole of Essex.




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