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Introduction to Social Media for Business
  • 2nd Floor College House
    Howard Street
    LA14 1NB
A Digital Marketing Workshop delivered by Cumbria Training Centre

Digital marketing gives businesses of any size access to the mass market at an affordable price, and unlike TV or print advertising, it allows truly personalised marketing.

If you employ less than 250 members of staff then the training is fully funded with the aim of helping you grow your business.

Should you choose to attend, you will receive an accredited certificate and free entry onto Digital Marketing full work based qualification.

Places are limited so if you believe your business could benefit from increased sales and improved online presence then please contact us on 01229 838892.

Introduction: The Digital Marketing landscape
  • Where are we now? How did we get here? What's changing?
  • Current trends, challenges and opportunities
  • Digital Marketing Planning - a strategic approach
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • How search engines work
  • Keyword research analysis and tools
  • SEO: Link building techniques and how they help your rankings
  • Pay-Per-Click advertising: the essentials
  • Optimising your AdWords campaign (keywords, bid strategy, ad copy and creative) for maximum ROI
  • Improving landing page conversion rates
Social Media Marketing
  • The ‘Big Four’: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • How Instagram and Pinterest fit into the social media landscape
  • The impact of Mobile Messaging Apps: WhatsApp & Snapchat
  • Social listening and sentiment analysis
  • Getting hands-on: Organising Social Media: internal structures/ responsibilities, work-flows
  • A strategic approach to social media
Email Marketing
  • An overview of the email marketing today; what is it best for?
  • The role of ESPs (email service providers)
  • Segmenting your database: eCRM
  • Increasing your open and click-through rates
  • Email design & development do's and don'ts
  • Mobile: the saviour of email marketing?  Marketing in a Mobile World
  • The mobile landscape and its huge growth
  • "There's an app for that" (and everything else)
  • HTML5, responsive design and the mobile web
  • Location-based services, augmented reality & wearable's
Online Display Advertising
  • The online/mobile display ecosystem: media agencies, publishers and ad networks
  • Creative considerations: interruptive or permission-based?
  • Programmatic advertising: the future of online/mobile display?
Digital and the Law
  • Being legal, decent, honest & truthful!
  • Data and cookie legislation
  • Keeping it legal: when to seek professional help
What's New? What's Next?
A look ahead to the (near) future in Digital Marketing
Social Interaction
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