How To Minimise Your Heating Oil Consumption In Homes and Businesses Across North Devon. Valuable Advice From The Works M&B Ltd
27th March 2014
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Chris and Seb offer practical advice on how you could reduce the cost of running the oil heating in your home or business. Much of it is common sense, but some of their ideas may just come as a surprise!

The top tips on reducing not only your oil heating costs, but also your electricity bills are as follows:

Boiler Servicing: Many boilers are only operating at 55% efficiency (burning £'s).  Boiler servicing is the number 1 tip to reducing your costs.  A regularly serviced boiler can save you much money and will run better over the long term!

Shop Around for Fuel: Make a few phone calls, go online to compare prices and do not just go with the first offer or package deal you come across.  Devon County offer a group buying service and this can save you money on a per/litre basis. Keeping up to date with the market price for oil, and filling your tanks in the summer months is a good option.

Turn down the Dial: Turning down the thermostat as little as one degree centigrade can reduce your energy bill by as much as 10%.  You may not notice the temperature change, but you will notice the savings you make!

Insulate your home: Insulation is one of the most cost-effective ways to make your home warmer so you don't have to use you heating!  Start with easy things like draught proofing doors and windows, lining curtains with thermal lining.  Double glazing, loft insulation or cavity wall insulation may cost to start with, but will save you money in the long term and you will notice a warmer home with a lower running cost.

Radiator Management: Another simple but effective way of lowering costs.  If you do not use a room in your home very often, does it really need to be heated?  If it does but at a lower temperature, fit thermostatic radiator valves.  Just reducing the radiator temperature to the frost control or even off completely can help reduce your bills.  Check that your radiators are fully heated and if necessary bleed the radiator to allow trapped air to escape.

Change your shower head: Not an expected piece of advice, I'm sure, but changing your shower head to an energy efficient one can cut heating and water bills.

Get a free home energy check: Visit the Energy Saving Trust website and get a free home energy saving check. You can find out where you are using the most energy and can then gauge what you need to do to reduce your bills.

Hopefully all the above advice will help with reducing your oil fired heating running costs.  Or you can give the team a call at The Works M&B.  They have extensive experience in fitting Heat Pumps (air and ground) that reduce emissions by up to 50% and running costs by as much 31% compared to a gas boiler (in the right kind of property).

They also offer complete installation, commissioning and servicing of Gas Central Heating and appliances and offer a comprehensive guarantee on all boiler installations (subject to conditions).  Depending on the current state of your heating system they can also advise on the effectiveness of repairing equipment vs replacement.

Call The Works M&B Ltd for advice on 01271 308104. They are efficient, reliable and professional and come highly recommended by all their clients, both private and commercial.

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