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We loved our visit to Lundy earlier this year. We decided to do a day visit and found it to be beautiful and very interesting, especially the properties and their history. We had a wonderful day and will return!
A proper sense of remote wilderness, great places to stay and and awesome pub for the evenings! The boat trip was a touch overpriced and takes two hours but it's all part of the adventure. On the island you feel like you could be anywhere in the North Atlantic or is a magical place best done on a short stay but can be enjoyed on day trip.
After visiting Lundy Island for over 35 years the beauty and tranquillity never fails to inspire me each time I visit. Staying overnight on the Island gives you a real feeling of being away from the strains of mainland life
We saw deer, goats and Soay sheep, picnicked by the halfway wall whilst being watched from below by a curious seal, and were treated to a flyby from a peregrine along Quarry Beach.
Ten years ago for the first time on Lundy with my wife. Now again but with our three children, a great experience.
My wife and I had a special and memorable few days experiencing the beautiful scenery, fantastic buildings and wildlife that abound on Lundy Island. It was a real retreat from the madness of 21st century living and it restored our energy and outlook on the world. Thank you to everyone who made our stay so special
Be on the look out when sitting down to lunch... you may see dolphins! We did! An amazing day away from the mad world we live in, we were soooo close to the natural world that we ignore most of the time. Thank you Lundy Island for restoring our sanity.
Have loved being so close to the sea and seeing it in so many different moods. I didn't realise such a wonderful place existed and wish I had discovered it sooner.
All islands have their peculiarities. Some possess a unique light, or exude their own scent. Lundy Island however displays a more intrinsic element, which can be simply described as a shortage of time. It is partly this commodity that makes time spent on Lundy Island so precious.
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