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We used Lodgico to build our two story extension last year and from start to finish they were professional and helpful. They took great pains to make sure that the build caused the least amount of disruption and mess to the family and home. We are absolutely thrilled with the finished product especially as the design was tricky and a less skilled company may not have given us the great finish that they achieved. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is looking for a building firm that will go the extra mile to get the job done to a high standard... Thanks Lodgico. We love our extension!!!
We can't speak more highly of Lodgico and the extensive work they did for us on our house including building an extension. Everyone in the team was professional and friendly and a pleasure to work with. We were happy with the quality of the work and the communication around it all. Thank you Lodgico!
I am sorry to say that we were extremely disappointed with logicio. We had them to work for us twice, first on the outside of the house where their work was off a good standard alright they had no respect for our property and left a massive mess when they had finished, we had to call them back to clean up all the waste they left in the garden, which they did, after a fashion. We then had them back to do a major refit of our bathroom and all looked good to start with but they failed to follow instructions, put in a smoke detector which is far too close to our cooker in the kitchen and goes off all the time, despite my saying this as it was being fitted, they told me it would be fine. They only partially completed the plastering until I pointed out that they hadn't done it all. They didn't complete the job to a good standard. The plaster on the ceiling was so thin that you could see the jointing tape through it in places they left uneven walls,even though they were newly constructed? On the ceiling the decorator had to be called back twice to try to cover the jointing tape with filler and then we found the filler was peeling off. We had them back several times for small leaks where the plumbing wasn't done properly. They incorrectly fitted the toilet and we have a child draft through the unit whenever the wind blows. I had to refit the toilet cistern myself as that was fitted incorrectly and kept sticking. In the end they gave us a small reduction in the price of the work and we have up as a bad job. My wife was in tears at one point because our lovely new bathroom which should have taken 3 weeks and took closer to 3months to complete looked less than perfect! If you are thinking about using logicio for small jobs then go ahead, on the simple stuff they are very good, be prepared for a bit of mess though. DO NOT use them for anything more though. Of we were not who we are we would have taken things further as we were so disappointed.

Reply from Sarah E:
Response from Rob at Lodgico: "I am really sorry that you experienced these issues during the work that we carried out on your bathroom but I would just like to make the following points in response. We have a 12 months defects liability period on all contracts whereby we will attend to any issues free of charge within that period so I was surprised to see items here that have not been brought to my attention so we could correct them. I was unaware of your concerns over the smoke detector in the kitchen. This is a very small room and the smoke detectors are incredibly sensitive so I suspect you may have found it would activate no matter where it was located. I would be quite happy to swap the smoke detector for a heat detector at our expense if you would like us to so you will still have a level of protection in the kitchen. The walls that you refer to that were not plastered are reveals from the existing doorway leading from the kitchen to the hall before the bathroom and utility area. At the time that we quoted it was not made clear that you required these reveals to be plastered and apart from a mildly uneven finish, which is to be expected in the age of the property, there was nothing actually wrong with them. When you pointed out that they had not been plastered it became clear that it was a misunderstanding and the plasterer was sent back to do them without any additional charge to yourselves. I dispute the fact that newly constructed walls had uneven plaster. The existing ceilings were uneven so when they were newly plastered we tried to even it out so in some areas the plaster is thick and in other areas it is thin. It should have been a straightforward job for the decorator to fine fill and sand where the scrim cloth was showing. I had several meetings with you regarding the decorating and admitted that the standard was not acceptable to us. The paint that you supplied caused some of the problems with trying to get a pristine finish, but the lack of care that the decorators took with your property and when cleaning up after themselves was wholly unacceptable and this was the reason why we refunded the decorating element in full to you, some £792.00. We even brought in a separate decorating contractor to go over everything again and deal with the snagging which you were happy with at the time. I do not recall any leaks with the plumbing and I have checked with our plumber and neither can he other than a joint that was weeping and again you have mentioned an issue with the cistern which has not been brought to my attention but, had it been, we would have attended and corrected without question. The timescale for completing the works was an issue that started with the window manufacturer letting us down with the supply which had a knock on effect to other trades, who were mainly subcontractors, and committed to other contracts. That said, the work was substantially completed in good time and it was mainly the decorating problems that affected the completion date. We did try to keep you informed throughout the contract. From the outset when you raised concerns with the work I hope you would agree that we were attentive to your concerns and, as I said to you at the time, we were not going to leave anything that was not to a standard that we would expect. In order to address the issues with subcontract decorators we now directly employ our own decorator so we can control the quality. I also appreciate your email of 1st August that stated “I have to say that there were aspects of the job that were superb. The plumber and carpenters were both great and the tiling job was amazing"
Lodgico carried out some building and major maintenance work for us overwinter 2014-15. This included work on the chimneys roof and pointing as well as some internal alterations. The work was carried out to a very good standard, in challenging conditions, in good humour. Sensible advice was given as the project progressed. The internal work needed to be completed by a deadline and this was achieved. The site was kept pretty tidy throughout and there was a good tidy at the end. All work done was within budget and any extra work was costed as things moved along so there were no surprises. So in summary on the basis of this work and previous work done reliable, predictable, good quality work and the quoted price. For me that is good value.
A very professional business that delivers a high quality product (in our case a Log Cabin). This was delivered on time, on budget without any major issues or problems. The whole Company is very customer focused and very responsive to questions and queries. The success of our project was based on the detailed discussions that took place between ourselves and Lodgico during the design phase to make sure we knew excatly what it is we were buying and how the building would look. Lodgico walked us through this process incredibly well and were able to give advice and gudiance on how to enhance our design and reduce cost. They showed us around similar buidlings, provided samples of materials and 3 D designs so we could visualise how our home would look.
We couldn't have asked for better workmanship when we engaged Lodgico to install a Velux window in our attic. They came up with the best solution for our needs and we now have a weather-proof light source in the attic, turning it into a useable storage space.
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In December 2016
Mr A said

A big thanks to Rob and his team for their hard work and their collaborative, friendly and proactive approach. It’s been a pleasure working with you. Well done on a great project