Your web presence is your shop window
28th July 2009
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Your web presence shop window

So lets' look at a traditional shop window - what purpose does it serve? Well, it enable the business owner to display what they sell, how much it costs - but also it represents a view, into the trading area inside.

Let's suppose it's very quiet inside - nobody in there at all - would you not feel a bit reluctant to enter - a subconscious feeling perhaps of, "if it's not inviting for anyone else, why should it be for me?".

But let's suppose it's busy inside with customers coming in and going out happy and with their goods in their arms - youd think quite the opposite, perhaps. You may think "wow - I had better check this place out - it obviously provides what people want".

So you go in, have a browse, maybe buy something, maybe not - but the crucial thing here is - you do go in whereas in the first example you may not!

How does this relate to your web presence? Well, the answer is - by the regular and sustained use of customer testimonials. Going on to a listing for a business, the potential customer does not know the quality of the service provided - they have to take a chance - unless there are a number of 3rd party testimonials to read.

You need convincing? Why not Click HERE and view this business and what his cutomers say about him - and then say you wouldnt consider him if you needed his service.

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