Your Customers' testimonials - a gold mine for your business
11th September 2011
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I'm often asked "how do you know if a business is the best?" Good question as here at thebestof we work with only the best businesses across the borough. There is no one factor that makes a business the best, there are many. 


But one crucial, overriding factor comes not from me, but from your customers. What do your customers say about your business, the service you provide, the goods you produce.


If yours is a great business, you care about your customers and the service you provide and regularly do that bit extra without being asked - it will be noticed and, most importantly, appreciated. 


What's more your customers/clients/patients love to spread the word and, here at thebestof, we help you use that, through the power of testimonials, to help your business grow. 


Your customers become your ambassadors - what they say is so much more powerful than what you say, it holds a lot more weight and helps prospective customers choose you over the competition. 


So how do testimonials work at thebestof?


They help to position you very clearly as one of the best businesses in your area of expertise. We work closely with you to gather a regular flow of great, glowing testimonials which we publish on your feature on thebestofbarnetborough site. Every testimonial your customers give you we add to your Testimonial Bank on the site - the more you have the better. 


People who are looking for your product or service, see them on your feature and having a big bank of great testimonials is a key factor in who they look at first and follow up with an enquiry.


It's very simple - the more testimonials you have, the more you will be positioning yourself clearly as a highly recommended local business. Businesses with lots of testimonials get more new leads and enquiries too.


So let us help you use your strongest asset, your customers, to make your business stand out and grow. 

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