Why Choose Russell Automotive Centre for Your Car Services?
23rd May 2017
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Russell Automotive Centre regularly receive Top Quality Reviews for the quality of workmanship, exceptional customer care and professionalism, this is a Five Star organisation.

Russell Automotive Centre is London’s leading independent Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda and Bentley specialists Automotive Centre.

Russell Automotive is a family-owned, multi award-winning garage based in Kingsbury in North-West London.  They offer excellent value for money to all our customers. Personal service matters, when your name is above the door it is imperative that every customer receives excellent service. Russell Automotive is run by Jane Russell who is passionate about helping to change the face of the motor industry for the better and Steven Russell who was one of the first Audi Master Technicians in the UK.

Steve has worked in the motor industry for many years. Steve’s vision for Russell Automotive Centre is to give Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda and Bentley owners in North-West London a different sort of choice when they think about having their cars serviced or repaired.  As an independent garage owner Steve has been able to develop a distinctive approach to servicing and repairs. All of which is precisely why discerning car owners should talk to Russell Automotive about taking advantage of their first-class services.

Even more reason to go to Russell Automotive?

They have fully trained engineers who only use the correct tools for the individual vehicle. They offer full diagnostics for each vehicle with constant reference to the manufacturers data.

They always use the right parts to prolong the life of your car. Russell Automotive Centre will only use the correct parts, as specified by the manufacturer. Genuine parts come with a 2-year warranty, which is why they always use them.

All staff at Russell Automotive Centre are knowledgeable, qualified and experienced in working on Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda and Bentley vehicles. The team have experience of working for a main dealer for one of the types of car that the Company specialise in working on. 


Awards, Over the past ten years Russell Automotive Centre have won a cabinet full of fine awards for their exceptional service to customers and rank amongst the very best companies in London.


The best way to find out just how good Russell Automotive Centre are is to call in, have a chat and see for yourself.

Russell Automotive Centre of Barnett is very highly recommended by The Best of UK, bringing the most trusted local businesses and the community together.

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