What would you like to see at Barnet Market?
18th March 2014
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Chris Smith from The Friends of Barnet Market (FoBM) updates us on the plans for the market this Spring and Summer ... 

"As those of you who have visited the new Barnet Market will know the relaid surface has been a great success. A big thank you must go to the William Pears Group for this.

Winter is not the best time to attract new stalls and although your FoBM Committee and Saunders (who run the Market for William Pears) have been trying their best to attract new ones - we have had limited success. There are some new stalls - but not enough.

I am told that all that is about to change. As the weather improves so interest in stalls should grow and Saunders' plan is to make a concerted attempt to fill the Market for this Spring and Summer.

If you have suggestions about what type of stalls you would like to see please let me know. Obviously I am likely to get all sorts of differing ideas - but if I get enough suggestions that are basically the same I will pass them on to Saunders.

Remember we want our Market to thrive - to be famous once again - so make those suggestions good ones!

One more thing.

My work to set up the Chipping Barnet Town Team (CBTT) is very nearly complete. We now have 18 representatives from all parts of the town regularly attending meetings. For my sins I am Secretary of the organisation and I represent FoBM on the Committee too. Believe me our voice is heard!

In the next few weeks and months you will hear a lot more about us. We intend to publish a Town Team Newsletter soon to keep everyone up-to-date with developments in the town."

Find out more at the FoBM website

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