Under 17 Driving Lesson Concerns on BBC
20th February 2010
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Under 17 Driving Lessons Concerns

Under 17 driving has been conducted by Sirens Driving Academy now for over a year and they have received a positive response for their pre 17 driving experience. Their director researched the Swedish Study many months ago and recognised the importance of early tuition off road for young people, as they remember crucial information. This pre 17 driving experience helps to develop observation and manoeuvrability skills early, but also introduces the Highway Code for Young Road Users. This is the same concept used in cycle proficiency, where they have a staggered learning process, to enable skills to be taught off road, before advancing on road, which RoSPA supports.

RoSPA and Cycle Proficiency

It is strange that RoSPA is linked to the cycle proficiency, where a staggered learning process is used, yet their spoke person states on the BBC news "while early education was a very good thing, the same did not apply to driving a car".
Their spoke person goes onto state "It will probably mean youngsters will take fewer lessons when they come to learn to drive and if they take fewer lessons they will get less experience," There is no research or evidence to support these suggestions and goes against the Swedish study which suggests allowing drivers to practice on roads from the age of 16 cut accidents amongst newly qualified drivers by 40%.

Surely under 17 driving in Sweden has been shown to reduce casualties, yet RoSPA and the Police Federation are stating kids are not mature enough at 11, 12, 13 years old to understand what's happening on the roads, to be able to manage all the demands and pressures? Bearing in mind RoSPA state on their site 16,195 cyclists are killed or injured in reported road accidents, including around 2,500 who are killed or seriously injured and that cycle proficiency recognises on-road cycling (Level 2), should be offered to children at ages 10-11, surely they should not be taught that either, as they are more vulnerable than being in a car.

Pre 17 Driving Experience

At Sirens Driving Academy pre 17 driving experience you can look at our learning plan in the same groups as your cycle proficiency;

Beginner (level 1) During your under 17 driving lesson you will be taught control and handling skills, including use of gears, which is carried out away from traffic on our busy roads, within a simulated road layout.

Introduction to on-road Driving (Level 2) Conducted on quieter local roads enabling you to put your new skills into action before progressing onto busier roads and onto your test.

Advanced training (Level 3) Pass plus, advance driving and important skills such as recognising understeer and oversteer

For Under 17 Driving lessons

If you are looking for a pre 17 driving experience then Brian Mooney, from the Association of British Drivers said "Anything that gets young people accustomed to the car and a bit of responsibility and co-ordinating movements, is a good thing particularly if it also teaches them to be considerate of other people,"

Our under 17 driving lessons aim to do just that. We have qualified approved instructors delievering our driving lessons in a controlled environment and follow the DSA syllabus. RoSPA recognise the importance of cycle proficiency and we recognise the importance of learning to drive a car with expert advice and tuition with early insight into the highway code.

For that pre 17 driving experience

Please call 0800 612 9538 or Email stephen@sirensdrivingacademy.co.uk

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