Top Tips for Winter Car Care from Russell Automotive Centre
16th November 2015
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We trust the experts to service, advise and fix problems with our cars, but is there anything we can be doing to look after them better during the winter months?

Clearing Your Windscreen – The winter months bring rain and of course ice too.  Never drive anywhere until these are cleared from your windscreen allowing you to see through it clearly.  You would be held responsible for any accidents and incidents if your windscreen is not clear.  To ensure you have time to clear your windscreen properly, should the weather affect it in winter, allow yourself an extra ten minutes in the morning. 

Use a scraper to clear away ice.  Do not use your windscreen wipers as they could become damaged and will not be as effective should you need to clear rain away from your windscreen whilst driving.  To help clear ice, use your heating / air conditioning blowers, however, if your keys are in your ignition, do not leave your vehicle.  Many people pop out to the car in winter weather, start the engine, fire up the blowers and pop back into the house for a cup of tea whilst this is going on.  This is a NO NO and the police would warn you against this, because so many cars are stolen during the winter months due to owners leaving keys in the ignition whilst the vehicle defrosts.


Quick Check List for windscreen care during winter

  1. Ensure your screen wash is topped up at all times and use proper, shop bought fluid as this will include anti-freeze to stop it freezing up in cold weather.
  2. Stock up on de-icer.
  3. Keep a scraper in the car.
  4. Regularly check the condition of your windscreen wipers

Removing Snow & Dirt – During wet, icy and snowy winter weather your car must be kept clear for safety.  The police impose fines to drivers who fail to clear snow from their vehicles.  This is due to the dangers of snow flying from the vehicle whilst in motion, which can cause visibility issues for other drivers.  Also, check that your number plates are visible; it’s quite common for snow and slush to build up and restrict the view of your plates.  Pay extra attention to the lights on your car too; ensure they are not covered in snow or dirt as this will restrict visibility for you and other drivers on the road too.

Utilise a Dip Stick - During colder months, you should be checking your oil levels at least once a week, ensuring that that oil levels are kept between the two marks on your dip stick.  Oil is the blood of your engine and low oil levels will cause irreversible damage to your engine.


For advice and assistance with making these checks and keeping your car in good condition over the winter months speak to Russell Automotive Centre.  Also, please seek advice on safety, because visibility, the condition of the road and other drivers during winter months could have an impact on you.

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