The Importance of Car Servicing During Winter
31st January 2017
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There are ways that we can take to make sure that our vehicle is in top condition that will also ensure our safety during use. You might think that your car is already winter- proof but having it serviced is important especially during winter and here are the reasons why.

Your car’s engine will thank you

During winter, the cold temperature can wreak havoc to the car’s engine and putting the service off until spring may cause you a higher repair cost in the long run. During winter, your car’s engine and battery work extra hard to keep the vehicle going. Also, having a defective car battery can make it harder for you to start your vehicle in a winter morning.

Good tires will ensure your safety

Winter leads to ice sheet- covered roads and having the wrong tire can mean tragedy for you. Your car needs a special tire that can withstand winter and can give better traction to your car. Having your tires regularly checked will ensure that your tires will not slip off and cause accidents on the road.

Car servicing will cover everything

Reliable car servicing companies such as Russell Automotive Centre can check every nook and cranny of your car to make sure that it’s winter ready. Engine oils, windshields, tires, battery and overall health of your car’s engine will be thoroughly checked and have it ready for winter driving. This season requires a more thorough maintenance to keep you from unnecessary repair costs as well as car and road accidents.

Russell Automotive Centre will take care of your car for the winter to make sure that your vehicle will run on the best condition. Contact Russell Automotive Centre to have your car serviced and ready for the winter. 

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