The Importance of a service on your car
3rd June 2015
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Servicing any vehicle can be an expensive and as such, it’s easy to put it off and then never get round to it. This, however, can be detrimental and cause may more problems and cost more money in the long run.

While an MOT makes your car road legal, a service will check that parts are functioning as they should and to the best of their ability. This is crucial as it’s easy for wear and tear to occur which will impede functionality. Warn parts or those with wrong fluid levels could then cause major damage leading to higher repair costs that could potentially be more expensive than having the service performed in the first place.

Without regular servicing, not only could parts become dangerously warn and cost more to replace but you could also find that you end up using more fuel as you have decreased efficiency. A service will also tune up your engine to help all the parts work better and to decrease the risk of breakdown.

Although your car will be road legal after having an MOT, it will not mean that your car is actually safe for you to drive. There could still be problems that haven’t been found that will only be pulled up during a service. If these undiagnosed problems are left to worsen, you could end up breaking down, having engine failure or have your brakes fail etc. if left for long periods of time.

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