Selling houses doesn’t need to be a stressful business when Rosenberg and Co. Solicitors are on the case
11th June 2015
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When it comes to moving house, there are so many different processes that it is essential to hire a solicitor to ensure that everything is done correctly. Hiring a specialist conveyancing solicitor will ensure that you are getting the most knowledgeable practitioner when it comes to buying and selling property as they will generally only deal with this kind of work. They will also have experience of many different types of property, something particularly useful should you have a more unusual type of property that you’re looking to sell or buy.

While you don’t need to have a solicitor until your offer on the house has been accepted, it is a good idea to have one in place so you are able to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. While any good solicitor will be able to deal with buying and selling houses, a solicitor experienced in conveyancing will have the specialist knowledge needed for if problems should arise.

Indeed, such a specialist will be able to spot potential problems and flag them up before everything gets too far underway and be best place to get them sorted. For example, they will be able to identify any problem clauses put on the contact by previous owners, spot problems if the property hasn’t been properly registered, establish that the owners have the right to sell the property and find out any boundary issues that could cause problems. They will be able to flag such problems up in good time so you are able to make the decision on whether or not you want to proceed with the purchase.

Conveyancing solicitors will act on your behalf when dealing with anything to do with the property you’re selling and the one that you’re buying. They will lay out in their terms what it is they will and won’t do on your behalf so it’s worth finding out as much as possible so you know exactly what your solicitor will act upon.

Hiring a conveyancing solicitor will mean that as much stress as possible is taken out of the legal side to moving house resulting in more attention is able to be paid to finances, any renovation work and the actual task of moving all of your possessions from one house to the other. 

There is always going to be some stress involved in moving house but by hiring Rosenberg & Co Solicitors you will have this reduced to its bare minimum. Specialists in conveyancing you will have the best possible experience why buying and selling property so don’t delay, get in contact today!

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