Panicking about the snow this winter? 3 reasons why winter tyres could keep you on the road
18th November 2013
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If like me you have been hearing about the arctic style winter we are all expecting; you may be panicking about the school run or the journey into work during the next 3 months or so. If you need to be able to rely on your vehicle and fear being without it, then read on!

We are Russell Automotive Centre London's leading independent specialist in Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda & Bentley. We are able to replace your current tyres with Winter ones to keep you moving in the colder weather.

As your tyres are your vehicles only contact with the road then having a firm grip is a vital job description for the rubber!

Winter tyres clear water from the surface of the road much more effectively and the sipes, or grooves, of the tyre grip snow well. The rubber compound is much more suitable and pliable to winter conditions then ‘normal’ tyres.

Winter tyres work well when the temperature drops below 7°C (approx. October – March).

The beauty of winter tyres is that you can store them during the summer months and use them again the next year (and following years as long as they are still in roadworthy condition) This makes them quite cost effective.

Winter tyre prices start at around £40 fully fitted. For more information and a quote please call Russell Automotive Centre on 020 8419 8166

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