Moving Home? Four Considerations for Appointing a Solicitor
10th November 2015
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This part of the process is an absolute mind field for us, but standard practice to a solicitor who would specialise in conveyancing work.  They know the processes and how to deal with everything that needs to be considered and agreed during the buying or selling process. 

Whilst you focus on the property you are selling or finding the property you wish to buy and make preparations for the move itself, your appointed solicitor will be contacting the legal team of the intended properties and be carrying out the searches.  However, before processes reach this point, how do you find the right solicitor to appoint to carry out this work on your behalf?

Jargon - When you are looking for legal assistance, even though they’ll be working through the processes, it’s preferable for you to gain an understanding of the work they’ll be carrying out for you.  Before you appoint them, it’s worth considering how well they’ve described their processes to you.  Have they explained these in a way that you can understand? We use the word ‘jargon’, because many industries develop their own ways of describing processes to each other, but often forget to cut out these phrases and words when speaking to their clients.  Although your solicitor is carrying out work that you aren’t qualified to do yourself, you should still feel comfortable and confident in understanding the processes they are going through on your behalf and should not feel afraid to ask the questions you need to know the answers to.

Locality – Your appointed solicitor does not need to have knowledge of the local area to carry out conveyancing work on your behalf.  They can post and email various forms and information to you and (of course) you can contact them by phone.  However, many people like to speak face to face and it might be a priority for you to have local access to your appointed solicitor.  This is all based on personal preference.

Testimonials – When considering the appointment of a solicitor are client testimonials on hand for you to review? During the time of consideration, visit their web site if they have one and check for client comments; what have they said about their service? If they don’t have a web site, are their testimonials at their offices? Or have they offered you a selection of client comments within written correspondences?

Referral – As buying or selling a property can be extremely stressful, the appointment of a legal representative can add to the stress, even the thought of carrying out research and then wondering if you’ve made the right decision can apply that extra pressure that you just don’t need during this time.  Therefore, reduce this dramatically by speaking to friends and colleagues. You’ll find most of them have been involved in buying or selling their property.  Ask them who represented them?  It’s also good if a trusted friend who has moved more than once and appointed a different legal representative each time, because they’ll have a good feel for the different services that are on offer and in turn will be able to provide you with their preferences. 

Buying or selling properties is a stressful process, which should end with satisfactory results for all parties involved. When you need legal assistance during this process, speak to Stuart Rosenberg of Rosenberg and Co in London, he specialises in conveyancing and all aspects of property law.

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