Mark Shaw's Twitter Surgeries
6th February 2010
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Twitter Surgeries

Mark Shaw’s Twitter Surgery

As many of you would be aware, I am always looking for ways to’give back’ something to the comunity, in recognition, of all the support, help, guidance that I have and continue to receive from too many people to mention here…

Enter Mark Shaw’s Twitter Surgery

So here is the idea. For a trial 1 month, Iwill go to various venues as per the diary below You can then call me on 020 8242 4007, and book a time to come in and see me for a complimentary 30 min Twitter surgery

In that 30min session, I can advise you on anything and everything to do with Twitter. So how to be more effective, how to start, what tools to use, how to get more sales, how to get more website traffic, how to effectively use the search. and anything else that you may want to talk about.

So whats the catch?

There is no charge from me for this 3o min session. However I am sitting in various venues, so it would not be fair or right for you to not purchase a drink, or some food whilst you are there, if appropriate

So Whats next?

Simply start calling me, and I will book you in. You can book on your own, or come in a group. if more than 1 person wants the same time, then I will advise more than 1 person at a time.

So here is the number to start booking 020 8242 4007 

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