Landlords - want to pay a lot less for your buildings insurance?
14th January 2010
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Landlords - what do you want from your tenants more than anything?

Ah, that's easy, I hear you cry. Regular payments and a quiet life!

I agree. if we could all gurantee those two things, we'd all want to be landlords.

So, whilst I am not saying you can guarantee them - surely you'd have a better chance of achieving them if a) your tenants could more easily afford to pay their management fees and b) if you had a reputable insurance company who could resolve issues in a timely fuss-free manner.

Email here for a no-obligation quotation today to find out how easy it is. You will receive a quote from a top insurance company than could save you, and your tenants up to 40% per annum off building insurance. 

Could Save Thousands!!


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