Knock Knock - Who's There
6th November 2009
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Knock Knock - Who's There?

Someone with an ID Badge who says they can save you money on your Gas or Electricity - that's who!

And then they show you how. And hey presto, just like that ... the figures look good and you can save lots and lots of money every month! So good you think there just must be a catch.

And you know... even though you find yourself persuaded to sign, there is usually a catch. Like, for instance the price you are shown does not stay that low for long - only long enough to catch a bunch of new customers and then another company will come knocking with another enticing offer.

Or how about the company that wants YOU to SWITCH? When do they make their money? When YOU SWITCH thats when. And once you've switched, when do they make their money? When YOU SWITCH, that's when. So keep switching.

Or alternatively, choose the sensible approach and choose a company that is consistently and currently voted BEST ENERGY SUPPLIER by Which? Magazine and which offers genuine savings all the year round and a package that is so good there simply has to be a catch! And you know what? There simply isn't.

Who is it? Click HERE to find out.



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