I have a problem with the alignment of my wheels! Help!
10th August 2016
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Wheel alignment is the proper position of a wheel in relation to its suspension. Proper wheel alignment can help your car’s performance and prevent any premature wearing of your tyres. This includes the correct angles of your tyres and its connection to the rest of the car’s locomotive system.

There are symptoms that we can watch out for to know if our car is having wheel alignment problems. The common signs are:

  • Vehicle is vibrating abnormally
  • Car is pulling whether right or left when trying to drive straight
  • Irregular wearing on the wheels
  • Vibration of the steering wheel

If you notice these symptoms while driving, it’s better to have your car checked by professional car servicing companies such as Russell Automotive Centre which several years of great car servicing practice.

A car technician checks the following to better diagnose where the wheel alignment issue is coming from:


This is the angle or alignment of wheels on how it is positioned inwardly or outwardly if being observed from above. If it’s angle inwardly, it’s called toe- in and toe- out for the opposite. These conditions can be corrected and adjusted by your professional car servicing company.


It is the misalignment of your wheels when looked from the front of the car. Don’t mistook this from toe as the latter is being viewed from above. It is also called as the tilting of your wheels that can cause uneven tearing and abnormal vibration of the vehicle while being used. Camber can be caused by different factors such as worn out ball joints or bearings as well as other parts of the car’s suspension.


It is the angle of the steering alignment that can be seen when viewed from the side of the vehicle. A wheel is known to have positive caster if the steering alignment is tilted towards the driver and it’s a negative caster if it’s tilted away and pointing to the front of the vehicle.

Having a proper wheel alignment is important as it prevents feathering or commonly known as the uneven wearing of your tyres. Also, it helps in maintaining tyre balancing which are both important in preventing abnormal vehicle vibration during use.

If you’re experiencing one these symptoms or problems, never hesitate to consult professional car technician to have your car fixed. Prolonging the wheel alignment problems will only cause more problems in the future. You can give Russell Automotive Centre a call and have your car checked and maintained the company as they can offer great car servicing.

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