How you can help plan the future of Mill Hill
16th November 2013
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Do you live or run a business in Mill Hill? Are you concerned about the state of the neighbourhood?

How would you like to have a say in its future development?

Last week I met John Gillett at a local network group. John is a Mill Hill resident and is a committee member of the Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum.

The Forum has been set up:

  • for local people to have a say in the area’s growth and development
  • to define the distinctive character of the commercial area
  • to encourage investment to make it a better place
  • to enable a thriving and vibrant Commercial/Residential/Leisure environment
  • to further enhance the attractiveness of Mill Hill as a great place for families to enjoy their lives.

Whilst the Mill Hill Preservation Society feels the protection and enhancement of Green Belt and open spaces in NW7 is paramount, the Forum are also aware that Mill Hill needs a thriving commercial hub at its centre.

In addition, the M1, A1 and railway tracks divide NW7; future development needs to overcome the damage caused by these ‘splits’.

The areas under consideration are the commercial parts of Daws Lane, the Broadway, Hale Lane, Pentavia Park and the Bunns Lane industrial area.

If as a Mill Hill resident or Business Owner you would like to help the Forum with this activity then please email: with your thoughts.

or write to:

MHPS, The Studio, Mote End, Nan Clark’s Lane, NW7 4HH

Photo of Mill Hill village sign by Mike Quinn. 

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