How to do today what you’ve been putting off till tomorrow
10th May 2013
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Is this you? You’ve got an ever growing list of tasks which never seem to get done because you keep putting them off. Thanks to Juliet Landau-Pope, there is a solution.

At this week’s New North London Business Network meeting, Juliet Landau-Pope, the guest speaker and professional declutterer, chose I’ll Do It Tomorrow: Overcoming Procrastination as her subject.

She chose well as she had a most receptive audience, as all of us could identify with the problem.

If you keep putting off that awkward phone call, getting round to completing your tax return, clearing out that cupboard or filing away that ever growing pile of papers, you’re not alone. Far from it, as Juliet has found in her coaching and decluttering career.

Juliet began by dispelling some Procrastination myths ...

Don’t beat yourself up because Procrastination is nothing to do with being lazy, it’s not a personality trait (it’s a habit we acquire) and it’s nothing to do with bad time management (it’s more about managing your priorities).

There are many reasons why we get stuck and hold back from doing these jobs. Do any of these sound familiar?

“I’m the only person who can do this task.”

“It has to be done perfectly.”

“I leave things till the last moment because I work better that way.”

None of these are truths and changing the way you think about these issues can help getting you unstuck.

Juliet had seven key steps to help us all to remove the blockages and start taking action, here are 3 of them to help get you going …

  1. Visualise what your success and achievement will actually look like, imagine it and feel it. Keeping this picture in mind can help you see round and over the barriers.
  2. Get the resources you need to hand so you are ready to act and there is nothing to stop starting the action.
  3. Make yourself accountable, not to someone who will judge or criticise you but instead to someone who will empathise and provide support and encouragement.

For more help check out Juliet’s website.

Juliet Landau-Pope is a certified coach and professional declutterer, based in Finchley. She works with individuals and groups to motivate people to clear the clutter in their homes and in their minds.

She also runs Networking@FRS, a monthly network group, open to everyone who lives, works or wants to find clients in the Finchley area. You can find more information here.

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