How to combat the increasing price of fuel
11th January 2010
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How to combat the increasing price of fuel

What to do, what to do - the big freeze has been going on for weeks now and we're still in the middle of winter - you can't turn the heating off and sit and shiver, can you?

And it's too dangerous to leave the house because of the ice - so we stay at home with our lights on and our TV on etc.

And if you do manage to venture out - say when the schools have re-opened - you have to fill the car up again - and you reach the filling station and lo and behold - the price of fuel has gone up again!

So how can you turn these increasing costs into increasing income? Well, that's by simply introducing new customers to the cheapest, most attractive and most innovative form of utility supplies available in the UK.

So, while we need to conserve fuel globally, we also need to use fuel on a daily basis - and if you click here you will see how to do it!

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