How hosting a network event in the borough of Barnet can put your venue on the map
12th October 2011
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Do you run a restaurant, bar, hotel, hall or club with space to accommodate 20 to 50 people?

Do you have quiet times which you'd like to fill?

Would you like more people to know about your venue, the quality of the food and service you provide?


If you answered "yes", here's how you can put your venue on the map with the opportunity to fill it on a fortnightly basis. 


Networking. But not as a visitor - as the host.


4 Networking is one of the fastest growing networking groups with over 300 groups around the country and they're on the lookout for a venue in the borough of Barnet. 


If you run a restaurant, chances are that there are times in the day or week when you aren't as busy as you'd like. Hosting a network event can help you bring in guests when it would normally be quiet. Networking groups vary in size but, from my experience, you need at least 20 guests to make it work well. And it could attract 30 or 40. 


So what's in it for you?

Lets say you get 25 guests - that's 25 people who probably haven't tried your restaurant before. 25 people who've come to your restaurant to network, build some good relationships and get business from it. But who also get to: 


  • taste your food, sample the quality of it and see your menus
  • experience the great service you and your staff provide
  • see where you are, and what's more ... 
  • every one of those 25 people will know more people who like to eat out. What an opportunity to put your restaurant on the map. 


So what will the networking group want from you?


  • a suitable and comfortable space to run the event and accommodate all the guests 
  • refreshements for the guests - drinks at the start and a hearty breakfast
  • free parking on your premises or nearby 
  • a commitment to provide the venue at the same time and day each week/fortnight/month


4 Networking runs from 8 to 10 am. 


If you are interested and would like to find out more - please get in touch - by email ( or phone (07941 798 339).


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