Halloween advice in Barnet Borough
20th October 2015
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Whilst many of us love Trick or Treating with our children, we do need to take responsibility not only for their own care, but also for members of the wider community who many not want to get involved.  Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts that parents should bear in mind this Halloween:


  • Stick to your own neighbourhood.  You’re more likely to have an idea of which houses will be most welcoming.
  • Respect other people’s decisions.  Look out for ‘No Callers’ posters or specific ‘No Trick or Treaters’ posters
  • Take care crossing the road.  Trick or Treat down one side of the street before swapping to the other side.
  • Be seen.  Ensure children carry a torch or wear something reflective


  • Cut through back alleys or fields.  Keep to well-lit roads and stay close to home.
  • Let children enter someone’s home.  We know they will be excited at the prospect of sweeties, but if the homeowner needs to go into a back room to retrieve them, ensure the child does not follow them.
  • Let children run around in peoples’ gardens.  Children should calmer approach the front door and not start treading on someone’s prized plants!
  • Let children forget their manners.  We all like a please or thank-you so ensure that children are polite and thank the homeowner, not matter what treat they received.

Halloween can provide a wonderful evening of innocent, spooky fun for everyone involved; just remember to stay safe, stay bright (so that you are easily seen in the dark), stay within the law and, most of all, enjoy yourselves.



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