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16th October 2011
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Are you a networker? If you're looking to get your business known and get you known, networking can open doors. There are lots of opportunities and groups for you to try, whether you already belong to one group and want to try another or you've never tried it and want to give it a go. 


Don't think of networking is an easy option though - that you can just turn up, hand out bundles of business cards and orders will come flooding in. You may have heard stories of the first time visitor who picked up a 5 figure order through a chance meeting. But for most of of us that doesn't happen. 


The ethos of BNI is givers gain. It's a simple but effective way to operate - get to know others, listen to others, help others and they'll help you. 


Many of the business owners I meet are keen members of BNI and get a lot from it. It's proven and works well earning a lot of great businesses a lot of business. And if you're looking for a BNI chapter in the borough of Barnet there's no shortage, see them here


Not so many people have heard of 4 Networking (from now on it's 4N - a bit less typing) which is the fastest growing networking group across the country. If you've not heard of it or tried it, here's 3 minutes of what 4N can do for your business.


The ethos of 4N is Meet, Like, Know Trust. After all, in the world of small businesses, do you do business with people you don't like or trust? 


4N gives you the opportunity to build relationships in a relaxed environment. There's no pressure or obligations on you. Go to whichever groups you want, go to up to 4 meetings a week and if you don't want to go to a meeting, you don't have to. But, just like with BNI, the more you put in, the more you get out. 


And, in addition to meeting people face to face, there's lots of opportunities to network online through the 4N website forums, where you can chat, discuss, offer help, pose questions and lots more. 


4N meetings take place every fortnight from 8 to 10 am and you can see all the groups and when and where they meet here. 


So what happens at a 4N meeting?



  • it starts with half an hour of informal networking over refreshments
  • over breakfast it's the 40 second slot where you get the chance to tell the group what you do or what you're looking for
  • 4 sight slot where one person does a 20 minute presentation to the group (something of interest which isn't a sales pitch)
  • 1 to 1s - where you get the chance to have a ten minute appointment with 3 people in the group
  • further oportunity for informal networking. 



If you fancy giving it a try you can attend 3 meetings as a visitor and then it's make your mind up time. 


At the moment there isn't a 4N group in the borough of Barnet but there are 2 groups very nearby. The Enfield group meets at the Willow Restaurant, 235 Winchmore Hill Road and the Elsree group at The Edgwarebury Corus Hotel, Barnet Lane, Elstree, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire


Interested? To find out more see the 4N website


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