Don't just watch, play - Tennis for all in the borough of Barnet
25th June 2011
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Have you got the tennis bug? With Wimbledon in full swing you won’t be alone as media attention is fully focussed on all things tennis especially when there’s British interest on court.

Our fascination with tennis is rather bizarre. For much of the year there’s precious little focus on it on TV, radio or in the newspapers unless Andy Murray gets to the latter stages of one of the majors. And in parks up and down the country you won’t find it hard to find an empty court to play on.

But for four weeks in June and July, as the Wimbledon bandwagon takes hold, everyone’s a fan, there are matches on umpteen channels on TV and finding an empty court is a real challenge. Now I admit there are one or two generalisations here but that doesn’t hide the fact that tennis won’t be on the back pages or filling our screens in August.

But if you want to scratch your tennis itch there are lots of benefits in dusting off your racket or heading to your local sports shop for a new one. There’s the fitness side of course, the chance for some healthy competition, it’s a great way to improve your skill and coordination, you don’t need much in the way of kit or equipment, you shouldn’t be too far from somewhere to play and it’s fun.

Need help in starting or in improving your game? No problem. There are great coaches out there who can help, whatever your level or age.

I should know. I picked up a racket last year having never played seriously before. To say I was rusty was an understatement and I’d never before considered having lessons. But a few lessons and games later and the bug took hold and joining a club provides the chance to play and no shortage of people to play against. I know full well that I won’t need to invest in a trophy cabinet and the only thing I have in common with Andy Murray is my first name. For me it’s the chance to play and a steady improvement that I like.

So where in the borough of Barnet can you head to get a game? There’s no shortage of places. If you’re after a park with free public courts you can find plenty on the Barnet Council website.

But if it’s something more organised you’re after how about a local tennis league? The Local Leagues Tennis project, recognised by The Tennis Foundation, gives you the chance to play in friendly, competitive matches. There are leagues all over the country including two in the borough - The Hendon Park and the Victoria Park Tennis Leagues. For details of where, when and how to join follow the links to the Local Tennis Leagues website.

If you want better facilities than a public park, you’ll need a Tennis club. Again, there are plenty to choose from across the borough and the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) website can help with a list of clubs and facilities and lots of information about starting and developing your game. These include the following clubs Barnet, Oakleigh Park, Temple Fortune, Finchley, David Lloyd Finchley and the Drive Edgware

Anyone for tennis?


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