Chopped Liver - Barnet guy blogs about his Liver Transplant
12th March 2010
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Local Barnet guy is currently on the waiting list for a Liver Transplant - read his blog "Chopped Liver" here.

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Follow David's candid diary as he goes through the process of finding out that he has a poorly liver, how he is assessed for liver transplant suitability - and follow his daily life as he waits for the all-important telephone call.

David has been updating his blog on his iPhone from his hospital bed as he underwent his assessment for suitability and fitness for liver transplant. It was no little comfort to learn that his love affair with his iPhone was shared with none other than Apple guru Steve Jobs, who also had a liver transplant in 2009 and there is certainly seems no slow down in his enthusiasm and quality of work.

David from Hendon, Barnet is proud to be associated with the great Steve Jobs. Read Steve Jobs story here


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