Car Scratches, Dents and Bodywork Repairs
18th April 2017
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Russell Automotive Centre in the Borough of Barnett, and serving North London, is on hand to solve the problem. Headed up by Steve and Jane Russell since 2007 the business is going from strength to strength because of their drive and initiative in bringing high quality customer care and professionalism to the motor industryManaging Director Steve, has over 25 years’ experience working with Audis and VWs, is renowned as one of the best in the trade and was picked as one of the original Audi Master Technicians. 

Russell Automotive Centre and sister company, Garage Express,  employs a team of well-qualified and experienced people ready to help to get your car back on the road after its repair or service as quickly as possible.

Russell Automotive Centre technicians have extensive experience of working for an Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda or Bentley main dealer.  They know these cars extremely well and work on them all day long, day in day out.  There is little that will surprise them!

Inevitably accidents do happen, no matter how big or small the damage take the vehicle into Russell Automotive Centre and ask them to put the damage right. The result will be so good that no one will ever know that it was there. Russell Automotive Centre will guarantee to restore your car to its original body condition that it will be as good as new. The high-tech equipment used in conducting all repairs is operated by fully trained expert staff.

Repairing those Scratches, Dents and Bodywork damage,

Crash repairs, insurance work is undertaken,

Dents, large or small, below the excess on your insurance, or larger,

Scratches, accidental damage, scratches caused by vegetation in the driveway, getting the car ready for sale etc.,

Scuffs, caused by top-boxes or people squeezing between your car and another,

Corrosion repairs, often caused by rock-salt used to de-ice the roads, body work corrosion can cause a failure when the vehicle is MOT tested, Russell’s can make it safe and fit for the road,

Welding for those more substantial damage repairs, safety first, let Russell’s fix it.

Russell Automotive Centre body department is Insurance Approved by all insurance companies.

Russell Automotive Centre is very highly recommended by The Best of UK, bringing the most trusted local businesses and the community together

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