Are you becoming mother or father to your own mother or father?
25th May 2013
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Sometimes life gets tough. Just when you thought you had a bit of time ahead to focus on your career, spend more time with your partner or enjoy retirement, you realise that your mother or father is needing more and more support. 

What help is available to you? What can you do to make it easier to cope?

Dr Lesley Trenner is an Ageing Parent Coach with 10 years’ experience working with individuals and organisations undergoing change. She specialises in the challenges presented by mid-life changes and in supporting people with ageing parents.

Here Lesley offers 5 Strategies to help you cope when your ageing parent needs more support. 

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Hi! I've lived in Barnet since I was a student. I'm a trained and experienced 'Change Coach' - I help people handle changes in their lives and in their workplace. I specialise in helping people in their...

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