Anti-Theft Number Plate Open Day at Russell Automotive Centre
19th September 2014
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Russell Automotive Centre had a successful day helping local residents make their cars safer and avoid having their number plates stolen.

The Award Winning North London garage teamed up with Inside Edgware to offer local residents the opportunity to get anti-theft number plate screws fitted to their vehicles for free.

Inside Edgware is the local Facebook page run by The Edgware Ward Panel (EWP) part of the Edgware Safer Neighbourhoods Police Team.

But why would you need extra security for your number plate?

Thieves steal number plates and fit them to the same model/colour car as yours.  They then park in restricted areas, drive through the congestion zone, not pay for petrol and leave you with the fines. 

This crime is on the increase.  As you are the only documented owner of the vehicle you end up having to pay the fines or prove it wasn’t you, which is more difficult than one would think.

So what do anti-theft number plate screws do?

Well quite simply they make it a lot harder to steal your number plate than regular screws.  This means an opportunist thief probably won’t be able to steal your plates as they are very time consuming to remove.

In addition to the free fitting, there were also Neighbourhood officers on-hand at Russell Automotive Centre offering other crime prevention advice and a local locksmith providing general advice on keeping your properties secure.

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