7 tips to get your car ready for the winter roads
18th November 2014
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Jane Russell, from Russell Automotive Centre, has 7 tips to keep your car safe on the road over the winter ...

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Whether or not we get snow on the big day, we’re sure to get ice, frost and snow at some point. Though it may look nice it makes driving much more difficult.

You don’t want to find that your car can’t cope, so here are our top tips to keep your car safe on the road.

Car Battery - these usually last from 3 to 5 years so if yours is this old it’s worth checking it before the weather gets too cold.  When you start it does the engine turn over slowly? It could mean the battery needs replacing and when the weather gets really cold it may not start your car at all.

Tyres – what’s the tread like? We recommend your tyres have at least 3mm for winter driving and, while you’re looking, check the condition. Look out for uneven wear and for any rips in the tyres.  It may be worth looking at changing your tyres to winter ones.  Winter tyres significantly improves the performance on the road in icy and cold conditions.

Antifreeze – check the fluid level in your radiator to make sure there’s enough antifreeze in your car’s cooling system so it doesn’t freeze up.

Windscreen Washer - make sure the reservoir is fully topped up with water and treat with a suitable additive to reduce the chance of freezing.  Don’t use the antifreeze you put in your radiator as it will damage the paintwork.

Windscreen - you can be fined if you can’t see through your windscreen because of dirt, snow or ice. Make sure your windscreen is clear before you set off.  If there’s snow on your car roof, clear it before you drive so it can’t fall onto your windscreen and block your view while your driving.    Using a Rainaway treatment on your windows is a great way of removing ice and snow quickly and smoothly and remarkably improves vision in the rain.

Windscreen Wipers - check your wipers are in good working order. If they’re worn, best replace them now as new blades will make a big difference in heavy rain or snow.

Lights – to help you see and be seen, clean the lights  and number plates as the winter roads will make the lights dirty and number plates illegible. 

Finally, if you have to set off early, remember to allow yourself enough time to get your car ready and safe for your journey.

For more advice or if you would like us to check your car to ensure it is fit and raring to go for the winter, contact Russell Automotive Centre on 020 8419 8166 or visit www.rac-london.co.uk.

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