20mph Zones raise Speed Awareness
17th January 2010
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Road Safety Campaign

Sirens Driving Academy understands that road safety should play an important part in everyone’s thoughts, given that studies have found that road traffic collisions have left one in a hundred people in England and Wales bereaved in a 35 year period from 1971 to 2005. Over 1 million people are killed worldwide every year and there are nearly 3000 deaths in the UK alone. Ten times more people have been left seriously injured or disabled from road traffic collisions and these are driving lessons, which we should sit up and listen to.

The government is trying to increase speed awareness through driving lessons to experienced drivers, as part of their road safety strategy. Speed has shown to be a factor in a number of collisions. Sirens Driving Academy plays its part in raising drivers speed awareness through their road safety education and with an increase in 20mph zones, although unpopular this will reduce casualty rates a study claims. At 20mph, it is estimated only one in 40 pedestrians is killed in a crash. This compares with a one in five chance for someone hit at 30mph.

Sirens Driving Academy is delivering driving lessons in road safety, as part of its intention to raise speed awareness to all drivers and their youth project is gaining support from organisations interested in road safety in Hertfordshire and Middlesex. Everyone should understand road safety is essential for our futures and that the introduction of 20mph zones was associated with a 41.9% drop in casualties. The greatest reduction was seen in children under the age of 11 years and in the numbers of all ages killed or seriously injured.
Cyclist injuries fell by 17% once 20mph zones came in, and injuries in pedestrians have been cut by almost a third. During driving lessons for learners it is important to get this message across to new drivers, as they are responsible for road safety of the future.
If we increase their speed awareness now Sirens Driving Academy will be improving road safety for the future.
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