You’d be a-Mazd-a' what our Customers store at Fort Locks Self Storage!
26th October 2011
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You can store anything at Fort Locks Self Storage… Even a Mazda RX-7 Turbo!

Many of our customers store the contents of their house if they are moving; it could be that they are moving abroad or perhaps they are just de-cluttering, getting ready to sell. So it’s no surprise that sofas, chairs, fridges, tables and wardrobes are quite typical storage items. Some companies store exhibition materials or use Fort Locks Self Storage to free up space in their business premises – handy if you don’t actually want to move to bigger premises.

But one of our customers, Patrick von Numers, recently caught my eye, when he revealed that he had stored – wait for it – an entire car in his storage unit. But he didn’t need to drive it in (though potentially, if you were so minded, you could). The car - a Mazda RX-7 Turbo II (FC35) 1991 model –was Patrick’s previous car and he decided that, given his new car is also a Mazda RX-7, he would keep this one for spare parts and possibly even rebuild it. So he dismantled the entire car, bonnet, seats, engine, wheels, lights – the lot – and to start with, he stored it in his grandmother’s back garden. Much as she adores her grandson, this wasn’t quite what she had in mind. So Patrick took a storage unit at Fort Locks Self Storage in Banbury and has been storing it at Fort Locks for the last few months.  Sadly for us, Patrick is moving on, but we’re delighted that he’s made such good use of the storage facilities at Fort Locks.

Now that’s what you might call drive-up self storage!

Patrick says of Fort Locks Self Storage:
“Great storage units, friendly and helpful staff. 24/7 access is a huge bonus”

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