Get your car ready for winter!
6th November 2010
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It doesn't seem that long ago when we were faced with wintery challenges earlier this year.

Get prepared to face the difficult conditions of winter again and book in with Jaybee Motors Service Department for a Winter Check, and get some peace of mind into the bargain. 


The check costs only £7.00, and includes a FREE Winter Essentials kit comprising of a 1 Litre ready to use screenwash, a 250ml de-icer and a handy plastic ice scraper.  The check can be carried out in under half an hour, and can be booked on a "whilst you wait" basis.


As you would expect the Winter Check focuses on the coolant or antifreeze strength, the battery's ability to supply current on a cold start, and the lighting & wiper washer systems to ensure you are able to be seen and can clearly see on the long winter nights ahead.The tyres and brakes are also inspected to keep you safe and sure footed in the ice and snow. 


To book, just call us on 08444 998 530 or email us on

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