Felt like I was on holiday at Veritas!
27th July 2009
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I had occasion to take my partner out recently, and for the first time decided we'd try VeritasĀ on North Bar. I must admit to not being your typical "wine bar" man, but it was already a lovely evening, so it felt right.

We wandered in and I was really impressed with the size and style of the place, quite spread out, low-slung ceilings, and a really lovely contemporary-traditional mix of furnishings and decor. We didn't have a meal, but instead ordered the cheeseboard and our choice of red wine.

The cheeseboard was the most unusual one I think I've seen, with four or five cheeses laid out on what was basically a slice of tree! Fantastic! Served with sundried tomotoes, garlic, preserved lemons and other goodies from the mediterranean.

So, there we are, romatic evening, moody ochre walls, subdued lighting, fab atmosphere, gorgeous cheese and wine. What else do you need? Well, it was the closest thing to being away at a holiday bar, but here in good old Banbury!

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