Driving up to London? Bothered by Congestion Charge Zones?
6th September 2009
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Banbury to London and back, in a day, it’s a breeze, isn’t it? See the sights, enjoy the buzz, have dinner at a quaint old English pub on the way home and what a great, reasonably inexpensive day out.

Well, that breeze becomes a stress powered storm when you blow into the Congestion Charging Zone, realise you’ve forgotten to pay and then forget all about it whilst you enjoy your day.

Not any more, thanks to a brilliant announcement from AutoAlert Ltd. This company has not only won awards for providing GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems but have come up with the latest iPhone application. It alerts you when you enter the Congestion Zone, and reminds you again if you forget to pay.

“Lots of regular drivers to London forget about Congestion Charging,” comments the man behind the idea, Director Richard Harris. “You can pay by phone and no longer find the fee has climbed to £180.00 because you forgot to pay.” Excellent news.

find out more at http://www.nocongestionchargefines.co.uk/pr.jsp
email:  info@autoalert.me.uk  or richard@autoalert.me.uk

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