Are local events good for the town?
9th October 2009
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I was speaking to a gentleman recently - we'll call him Mr Smith (because that was his name) who works in a business in town. He said he would make a point of NOT coming into town when the fair was on and he certainly didn't want to come in to see the Canal Day.

Mr Smith seemed to have rather strong negative feelings towards local events, I thought!

Last Sunday's Canal Day was extremely successful - so much so, that it was difficult to walk along and visit all the stalls (perhaps the stall holders would have something to say on whether a big crowd is good for them!). Coming soon is the traditional and extremely popular Michaelmas Fair....attracting many people into town again.

Mr Smith's point is that although there may be lots of people in town and a sense of excitement in the air, fewer people seem to go into the shops and spend their money.

Personally I think for someone passing through the town, it would be a wonderful surprise to see the fair on in the evening. Or even to know that there has been a Canal Day. The town looks lively, with a bit of action, life and personality! It's a shame if potential customers keep away from the shops though, but to an outsider, I should think the events create a great impression of the town.

If Banbury has a reputation as a town where there's lots to entertain the community, then surely more people would come to see what's here?

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