A day in the life of a Wedding photographer
29th October 2009
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Part One
by Paul Foster of D&P Photographics

I get a buzz on wedding days feel just like Christmas morning.

I usually get up around 7 ish, although I am awake before. First order of the day is a nice Cuppa tea,,Mmmmm (my lovely wife Dawn makes for me).

Then the boring stuff, yes it’s dreaded camera cleaning time, although I do like it.  Sad I know.

Camera cleaning done, then it’s off to my studio at the bottom of my garden, where I have spent many happy hours snapping away - tall short large and small - they are all lovely in their own right...

Time to pack away the studio kit ready for the evening reception, - lights, stands background and all other sundries, and squeeze it all into our little ford fusion.  At least I get the seat without the roll of of backdrop paper stretching from back to front and across the passenger seat. You should see my wife Dawn, bless her, it’s like she is doing a limbo dance under this thing all the way to the brides house,  The Mcds breakfast is even more of a challenge for her - not to mention her coffee. ( I said not to mention the coffee didn’t I!)

So with our destination safely stored into the good old tom tom - off we go. We usually get a couple of miles out of Banbury before we get on a little single track road. Funny, wherever we go we always seem to find them!, Then yes you guessed it - it’s into reverse we go, back to where we came from, tom tom recalculates route for us, and off we go again. The funny thing is that half the time we know where we are going, but we still use the sat nav - why do we do that?

We arrive on time (of course) to the bride’s house to photograph the bride, bridesmaids and all getting ready. This is where the magic begins - the excitement is in the air, bless them, we love to see people so happy as it makes all the hard work we put in so worthwhile.

Things are already busy with people coming and going. We get to meet the brides mum and the bridesmaid’s. Dad is floating around in the background - I think he is just waiting for the pub to open!

Part 2 to follow shortly...

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