The Bungalow Day Nursery
  • 132a Ashton Road
    Denton, Manchester
    M34 3HR
The Bungalow Day Nursery is an independent family owned and run children’s nursery in Denton delivering childcare to families in Ashton, Hyde, Glossop and the surrounding area


The Bungalow Day Nursery is an independent family owned and run children’s nursery in Denton, and providing services across Ashton. Hyde, Glossop and the surrounding area. The nursery offers full and part-time care for children under the age of 5 and prides itself in providing high-quality care in a caring and homely environment.

With a mission to be a home away from home, the Bungalow Day Nursery provides high-quality day care and pre-school education with a wide range of activities for children to enjoy and learn from. The Bungalow offers a welcoming environment for children to meet and make friends, play and learn while receiving the best childcare there is.

The Bungalow employs a carefully selected and vetted blend of highly qualified and experienced staff that support children through their learning and social development. The staff at the Bungalow appreciate the individual and unique needs of each child and ensure that they are supported through their individual learning.

The Bungalow Day Nursery is designed in a child-friendly manner making sure that children are free to play and learn in a safe and secure environment. All the rooms and gardens are arranged according to the EYFS guidelines. The Bungalow has fully equipped baby room, toddler room, pre-school and a garden to cater for the needs of all children under 5 years, allowing them to grow and transition from one stage to another in this safe and fun environment.

The Bungalow has over 12 years’ experience taking care of children and has grown to be a trusted and reliable option for many mums and dads in the area. Founded and owned by Natasha Kirkwood, the Bungalow Day Nursery, established on strong family values and commitment, make it feel like home.

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