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  • 1 Consort Place, Green Walk, Bowdon, Altrincham
    WA14 2SH
maxpotenti, Altrincham, is a business and personnel consultancy dedicated to helping start-ups and smaller businesses


maxpotenti is an Altrincham based business consultancy, which provides business owners with strategic planning advice and helps them to appoint, develop and retain the right people for the right job roles.

Established in 2014 by Sim Goldblum, an experienced businessman, trainer and educator, maxpotenti helps teams develop more cohesively and supports business leaders with operational control processes and procedures where appropriate. maxpotenti also, advises all career changers about their career options and development ideas.

Altrincham based Sim Goldblum is passionate about people being able to work in roles they truly enjoy and he approaches this from the perspective of a committed senior leader with experience in global business.

Looking at areas of your business and staffing which may never have even crossed your mind, maxpotenti can examine issues such as succession planning, employee engagement, and leadership to ensure that your business’s future is bright.

With a hands-on approach, maxpotenti’s passion, commitment and integrity, combined with their use of award-winning, customisable training and development tools will help your business to grow, and keep your staff happy and engaged in roles to which they are ideally suited.

maxpotentis plethora of services are ideally suited to start-up enterprises, and business owner of healthcare and associated sectors with 10-200 employees, whose future growth and performance are challenged by problems with people recruitment, retention and development, a lack of succession planning and insufficiently strong teamwork.

maxpotenti is currently offering a no-obligation one-hour initial consultation, followed by a bespoke plan to meet client needs and a 25% reduction in retained-client fees.

Contact maxpotenti NOW by phone - 0330 088 1947 or 07515 507 337 or by email -, or visit to learn how they can help you.

“Sim is frank, humorous and genuine and helped me have the confidence to move forward.”

“Sim is solutions oriented and ensures a commercial result for any client. I'd happily recommend him for his expertise.”


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