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The outdoor pool in the incomparable Abbey Meadow in Abingdon-on-Thames opens again on Saturday 28th May 2016: we anticipate a special season with water warmer than ever. Good value, price unchanged and operated by the experienced GLL under their BETTER brand.
Need to get from A to B quickly? Perhaps your car has finally given-up-the-ghost after a good run of service, leaving you stranded in the supermarket carpark with tomorrow’s fish supper quickly defrosting in your ‘bag for life’. So what are you going to do?
Whilst it would be absolutely great, life can’t always be filled with fun and frolics. Some things in life are supposed to be taken seriously, and in these cases it’s a good idea to get the professionals in!
Congratulations on your engagement! Now’s the time to pick a theme, choose your wedding colours, drool over gorgeous hairstyles and stunning make-up! Not to mention scouting wedding music, choosing your cake design and picking a tasty menu to enjoy with your guests. On top of all of that you have perhaps the biggest decision to make - your wedding dress!
How big is the library of all possible 500 page books and how easy would it be to find a copy of Anna Karenina in it?
Do you have a wedding coming up? Perhaps this year is the year of your daughter's leaving prom or maybe you're looking for a complete overhaul of your locks? Whatever it is you're looking for, Abingdon's best hairdressers are here to make your hair dreams come true!
If you're on the lookout for the best kitchen fitters in Abingdon, you've come to the right place! Deciding to have your kitchen completely redesigned is a big commitment. It makes sense that you'd want only the very best craftsman carrying out the work. Similarly, if you've grown tired of your little galley kitchen but don't have any space to play with, you'd want only the best advice to help you choose the best option for an efficient over-haul.
Choosing a reliable builder can be a seriously tricky business. With all the horror stories around of unfinished jobs and dangerous 'bodge-it-and-leg-it' fixes, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and cautious.
Here are the details of car boot sales in and around Abingdon in 2016. Do let us know of any more and we'll add them in too.
We all love a great Chinese meal, but which restaurant do you choose? How on earth do you find an outstandingly good recommended Chinese restaurant in Abingdon without endlessly phoning around friends or troubling passers by on the street?
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