Ock Street Clinic
  • 45 Ock Street
    OX14 5AG
Are you looking for a dentist in Abingdon who offers a warm, personable service, whilst practicing preventative dentistry and looking after your smile? Then Ock Street Clinic in Abingdon, may be the dentist you have been searching for.

Modern, centrally located practice

Situated on Ock Street, close to the town centre of Abingdon, Ock Street Clinic  has a strong reputation for high quality, professional treatment and honest advice with a genuine commitment to cater for the individual needs of their patients. The practice is clean, modern and air conditioned, offering patients a relaxing and comfortable environment from the moment they arrive. They have six treatment rooms, all of which are downstairs, so wheel chair users are well catered for, and they offer the best in 21st century dental care.

The Team

They have a large team of dentists who each offer different specialities, so you will be able to see the dentist who is best matched to give you the dental care you need, and if you have more specialised treatment needs they have an experienced expert available to help.  They are keen to relieve all concerns about your oral health, so you can eat, smile and talk confidently and without embarrassment, and be proud of your teeth.

Routine Dentistry

The practice offers routine dental checkups which allow your dentist to thoroughly examine your mouth, teeth and gums and check for early signs of decay, gum disease or oral cancer. You will have an opportunity to discuss any specific issues or concerns you have, and your dentist can offer advice about your lifestyle which may be impacting your smile.  You can also discuss the frequency of your check ups, depending on your individual oral health.

In addition there is a team of expert hygienists supporting your dentist in maintaining your oral health and practising a preventative form of dentistry.  The Hygienist team will help you avoid gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath.  They will clean areas of your teeth and gums that you can’t reach yourself and ensure you know all the best techniques to use in your own homecare routine.

Advanced Dentistry

If you need more advanced dentistry, Ock Street Clinic offers a service comparable to that available in Harley Street.  Ock Street Clinic has a team of highly skilled professionals, who have been selected to ensure the practice can offer all aspects of modern dentistry available.  Whether you are looking for the more traditional crowns and dentures, or something a little more cosmetic such as teeth whitening, dental implants, veneers or straightening  your teeth – you have access to everything you could possibly want from a dentist – and it is all just down the road.

Cosmetic Facial Treatments

If it is not only your smile you are looking to improve, then Ock Street offer a number of cosmetic treatments to rejuvenate your face.  These include Botox, fillers and other minor cosmetic surgery – all carried out by an expert medical doctor and available within the practice.

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