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Inca Accounting are a friendly, caring Abingdon-based book-keeping and accountancy practice. We specialise in providing total business support to small businesses and pride ourselves on our excellent customer relationships. We also run regular seminars to help our clients develop their business.

About Us

It’s interesting isn’t it to start a profile with “about us”. You see, it’s not really about us, it’s about you and/or your business and specifically your needs and wants from an accountant.

So let’s understand a little more about you.

Are you just in the process of starting a new business or have you just taken the plunge? You might be getting information from everywhere about what you can do, must do and it wouldn’t be surprising if you were feeling a little bewildered. You’re not alone and we’d love to chat about your business to give you guidance on obligations, tax efficiency and also how to build a business that succeeds. Did you know that 80% of new businesses fail to make it to their 5th birthday? That’s a scary percentage, the good news is that we have a range of services and workshops to help you beat that statistic.

OK, so perhaps you’ve already been in business for a while. How’s your accountant performing? Do they ever ring you? Will they take your call when you ring them? Do you understand them? Do they save you tax or just try to find new ways to bill you? Do they ever refer clients to you? Would you want to have a drink with them (forget whether they’d actually pay)? How much real business advice do you get? Does everything seem just so last minute? Did you know that changing accountants is actually really easy? Perhaps we could have a chat, have you anything to lose? We are, after all, your local accountants in Abingdon!

So you don’t run a business but you’ve a rental property or just need to file a tax return. It’s likely that we can help you with that, if you like to learn more then let’s have a chat. Our personal tax service is based on giving you peace of mind knowing everything is in order and we’ll even chat with HMRC on your behalf as part of the service.

OK, then, a bit about us. We’re a “proper” firm of accountants, chartered accountants no less (the one’s with letters after their names and years and years of training and ongoing professional development). We’ve a team here to support you, so you’re not left high and dry when the boss goes on holiday. We’re actually quite fun to deal with but also very structured to ensure you meet your obligations. We believe in quoting for work in advance and doing so on a fixed price basis so you don’t get any nasty surprises. We’ll help you with simple payment plans, a fully inclusive service with tax advice and a commitment to work to help you make your small business a success.

Where Are We?

We’re located in the village of Lyford near Abingdon. We’ve loads of free parking, no traffic jams getting to us and we think you’ll love the view of the Ridgeway from our office. You might even see some wildlife as birds of prey are a common visitor. If you run a small business in Oxfordshire and Berkshire then we’ll help you to succeed – but we don’t define what success means to you.

Free Telephone Support

If we can answer a question you have by phone or even email then we will and won’t charge you for the support. The more dialogue we can have with you the better we understand your business, your current needs and how best to help you. Why would we charge you for the privilege of relationship building with you? After all, if you’re happy with us then you’re going to use us year after year and also likely refer new clients to us. That’s definitely a win-win, so we take a long term view of the relationship with you.

Fixed Price Accounting

Our accounting and bookkeeping services are quoted up front on a fixed price basis, so you'll never be sprung with a huge or unexpected bill. We're a small business too, and we understand the things that can make your life easier.

Free Accounting Consultation

If you feel your accountant should be approachable and working for your best interests, then take advantage of our free initial consultation to find out more about Inca and how we put that in to practice.


  • Annual accounts and business tax
  • Personal tax returns
  • Finance training and consulting
  • Bookkeeping, payroll and VAT returns
  • Construction industry monthly returns
  • Tax planning and statutory obligations
  • Regular workshops

We have developed a range of key services, and on top of that, can offer guidance on business planning, VAT and expenses. We pride ourselves on helping you to make your business a success.

Seminars and Workshops

We run regular seminars, courses and workshops on business development, marketing, selling and accounting throughout the year for clients and non-clients alike. If you choose to become a client then you can attend these workshops for free. Contact us for more information on our current calendar.

Did you know?

We can even chase outstanding invoice payments for you and help to improve your cash flow process. Ask me about how chocolate helps you get paid.

We pride ourselves on taking a caring approach, and offering a dedicated level of support to your small businesses or start up. Running a business can be daunting; we can take the pressure of balancing the books away.

So what’s next? Well, it’s usually to have a chat. You can get in touch by phone, email or social media. We’ll arrange a convenient time and date to chat to you about your business, introduce you to our team and discuss the support you need and want. Oh, and that meeting doesn’t cost you a penny or place you under a commitment to work with us. It’s rare you’ll leave the meeting without at least one great piece of business or tax saving advice. Your risk is that we don’t get on together and you decide to work with another accountant. That’s ok – we’re not right for everyone and don’t want to be. But perhaps we could be right for you. Would you like to chat and find out?

In case you’re still unsure, then this is my second successful business built from scratch. We’ve also been endorsed by Oxfordshire County Council who asked Inca to run the pre- and new startup business advice service for the county. I’d love to chat with you and introduce you to Caring Accounting, your local accountants in Abingdon.


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