Hints and tips for hiring a cleaning company
17th June 2015
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Hiring a cleaning company could save you many hours each week doing tasks that you could hire someone to do for you. While some people may not be totally comfortable with this, hiring someone to come in and help with the cleaning, laundry, ironing and changing the beds will free up time for you to spend doing the things that are more important such as spending time with family or friends or being able to pursue the hobby you love but don’t have the time for any more. If you would like to have more time to do the things that matter most to you then here are some hints and tips for hiring a company to come and help out with the chores.

First off, work out exactly what it is you would like your cleaner to do and what rooms you would like them to clean. Establish if there are any rooms that you don’t want them to enter at all so you can make it all clear from the outset. This is also important for choosing cleaners as they don’t all offer the same services.

Once you’ve established exactly what it is you want from a cleaner it’s time to start looking at individuals and companies who offer cleaning services. If you go for a larger company they should have more insurance in place protecting you. If there is no insurance then any damage or theft is down to the homeowner to sort and not the cleaner or the company they work for.

Going with a specialist company rather than hiring an individual will mean that they will have checks in place that they carry out on their employees. It is worth checking that these have been done to help ensure that you are hiring someone trustworthy.

It’s also important to check how you will be charged for the cleaning work done: whether it will be per hour or a fixed price for the work. The benefit to paying a fixed price is that the cleaner will have to stay until the jobs are finished whereas you could find with paying per hour that the maid takes longer to complete jobs than necessary. Most will be highly trustworthy but it’s just something that’s worth considering and asking about when you’re looking for someone to come and clean for you.

When looking into different companies, ask what chemicals they will be using. This is particularly important if you have allergies, children or pets as it’s important to know what it is that they will be coming into contact with.

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