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What rubbish goes where and when!?
Transiton Abergavenny is one of hundred of 'Transition Towns' popping up around the world.
Riverside have now made it a little bit easier to protect your rabbit from common diseases by introducing Rabbit Health Plans. Heath care plans have been running for dogs and cats for two years, and due to the success of this they have now introduced a rabbit plan too.
To wipe away any post-Xmas blues, last Thursday ‘Little Treasures’ of Abergavenny proudly hosted an early evening event, giving advice on the best ways to tackle Reusable Nappies and Breast-Feeding. The topics were new to the dark winter evenings of Abergavenny, but the demonstrations and Q&A sessions shed a bright light on the topics for all expectant parents.
It's half-term and Halloween coming up on Wednesday as well, so the kids will be doubly excited. Time for trips, parties and apple-bobbing!
March is such an optimistic month and we have so much to enjoy on our doorstep.
The days are getting perceptibly longer and it looks as though spring is finally coming.
In the run up to Easter, it's pancake time again. How do you eat yours?
Whatever you need to show your loved one you care, you can get it right here in town.
Cold weather always puts me in touch with winters of my past. I have no idea why, but I enjoy it anyway, and Abergavenny is an easy place to stay in touch with the best bits of our past.
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