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There are new and exciting things happening all over Abergavenny. Take a look down Nevill Street, for example.
It’s only just over five weeks to Christmas. Next Saturday the lights will be switched on in Abergavenny.
Pumpkin time!
Pumpkin time!
I've heard that there are fewer pumpkins than usual around this year, but I think there will still be plenty to brighten up Halloween in Abergavenny.
Have you just realised that the Abergavenny Food Festival is this weekend?! Oh well! It's not too late; you can still pick up a stroller ticket for the Festival which will give you access to five venues, including the Abergavenny Market Hall with its fabulous decorations.
In the run up to Easter, it's pancake time again. How do you eat yours?
Christmas proper doesn't start for us until the Abergavenny Food Festival winter event arrives, so join us on Sunday to kick-start the winter holiday season.
The third weekend of September is here once more and in Abergavenny we celebrate our annual homage to great food and drink. All the best of regional producers will be there, so come and join the throng. It's an unforgettable experience.
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