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Riverside have now made it a little bit easier to protect your rabbit from common diseases by introducing Rabbit Health Plans. Heath care plans have been running for dogs and cats for two years, and due to the success of this they have now introduced a rabbit plan too.
To wipe away any post-Xmas blues, last Thursday ‘Little Treasures’ of Abergavenny proudly hosted an early evening event, giving advice on the best ways to tackle Reusable Nappies and Breast-Feeding. The topics were new to the dark winter evenings of Abergavenny, but the demonstrations and Q&A sessions shed a bright light on the topics for all expectant parents.
Advice from Riverside Vets.
Advice from Riverside Vets.
I’ve found a lump on my pet– what should I do? It can be worrying suddenly finding a lump on your pet that has not been there before. A wide range of conditions and diseases can cause lumps of all sizes and shapes, so when should you worry?
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