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Life is becoming more and more pressured with spare time being a rarity for many people. There could be a solution to help…
Homeopathy - Is it for me?
Homeopathy - Is it for me?
Liz Barnett, mum of four and local Abergavenny resident, has been a homeopath for over ten years. She has brought her practice to Abergavenny and the Natural Therapy Centre.
Here at TheBestOf, we really like to know our business members. So when we heard that Riverside Vets had recruited a new-bee all the way from Southampton, we wanted to know all about her... Introducing Becky Stapley.
Lots of young people in Abergavenny make music. There's now help available from local business Mayzmusik for those who want to make it professionally.
Nigel Burton was elected Chairman of the ABC in April this year and lays out his plans here.
The days of steam haulage are long gone in Abergavenny, but you may not know that there is an up-to-date equivalent in town.
Andrew and Jacky Knapp, who run The Best of Abergavenny are showcasing locally ’14 Days of Love’ (a UK-wide initiative run by ‘thebestof’business) to help raise more awareness about the importance of supporting local, highly recommended, businesses. The point of the campaign is for local people to support the great local businesses that we have in our community, so that we can make a real difference to the Abergavenny economy and create a real sense pride for our area.
Not just the best businesses, but The Best Of the best were on show at the Awards event on 7th October at the Angel Hotel.
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