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Life is becoming more and more pressured with spare time being a rarity for many people. There could be a solution to help…
Give peas a chance!
Give peas a chance!
Abergavenny will be buzzing on Sunday next for the Christmas Food and Drink Festival. Pop into Just Food’s fringe event for some stimulating discussions on food justice, and some delicious things to eat too.
Rob Baker has been at the Natural Therapy centre for twelve months now. He is a Mctimoney Chiropractor in Abergavenny and met up with Josie last week to tell us more about his practice and who it can help.
Homeopathy - Is it for me?
Homeopathy - Is it for me?
Liz Barnett, mum of four and local Abergavenny resident, has been a homeopath for over ten years. She has brought her practice to Abergavenny and the Natural Therapy Centre.
Are you self-employed? Does the thought of doing your tax return send you into a flat spin? Don’t worry, there are people in Abergavenny who can help.
Thanks to everyone buying blue 'by local' bags we raised £112.60 for Seven Corners Charity.
Louise Price has recently moved to the Abergaveny area and has joined the team at the Natural Therapy centre at 12 Cross St. If you want to know a little more about what hypnotherapy is and if it is for you, have a read of what Louise has to say.
Josie met Bob Cheung, a specialist Tuina Massage practitioner to ask him to explain a little bit about the practice and what health benefits it can have for the people of Abergavenny.
Here at TheBestOf, we really like to know our business members. So when we heard that Riverside Vets had recruited a new-bee all the way from Southampton, we wanted to know all about her... Introducing Becky Stapley.
Abergavenny is on the map as a Fairtrade Town and the biggest Fairtrade event of the year is coming up in town this weekend.
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